Our Beliefs


  1.  The Bible is God’s Word and His Plan for me
  2.  There is one true God.  God the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are one
  3.  Jesus is God’s Son
  4.  Everyone has sinned (The fall of man)
  5.  I can be saved from my sins because Jesus died for me
  6.  I obey and remember Jesus when I take Communion and am baptized in water
  7.  The baptism in the Holy Spirit is God’s gift to me
  8.  When I am baptized in the Holy Spirit, I will speak in tongues
  9.  With God’s help, I can become more like Jesus (Sanctification)
  10.  God uses the Church to do His work
  11.  God uses spiritual leaders to help me grow
  12.  God heals
  13.  Jesus is coming soon (The Blessed Hope)
  14.  For a thousand years, Jesus will lead a time of peace on earth
  15.  Those who do not follow Jesus will be separated from God forever (Final Judgment)
  16.  Those who follow Jesus will live with God forever  (New Heavens and the New Earth) 


For more information go to: ASSEMBLIES of GOD 16 FUNDAMENTAL TRUTHS or if you any questions about Our Belief’s or have any questions about us, feel free to Contact Us below.  

Our Vision

Here for God  and Here for Others  

Here for God and Here for Others 


   We would love to hear your praise reports and prayer requests. We know that Nothing is Impossible For Our God.  We would love to celebrate with you on how God is working in your life.  Just as important, we want to come beside you and pray with you and for you with your prayer requests. 


We would love to hear how God has used WAG Church to help you draw closer to Jesus. 


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